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Jacob Idra's journey from South Sudan to leading a community - WOWT News June 14, 2018

The rise and rising of South Sudan Basketball - Steve Vear, DENG Camp Global Director - November 14, 2017 - Medium

When given the task of organizing the first ever DENG Camp USA for South Sudanese elite high schools players, I really didn't know what to expect. I knew there was talent, but what was discovered in just a 4-day camp in Omaha from 18-21 June - well, was simply eye opening!

Rick Wolff's Sports Edge  Weekends on WFAN  - Published on Oct 1, 2017

Coach Bob Hurley, Sr. talks for the first 7 minutes about his visit to Omaha Talons where he conducted a coaches clinic and gave keynote speech at the Arrived dinner.

Great Big Story - Published on Jun 19, 2017

Tucked away in America’s heartland, a group of refugees from South Sudan are learning to play ball with the best of them. Omaha, Nebraska is home to the largest South Sudanese refugee population outside of Africa, and the city’s newest residents are fostering a community of top-rated basketball players. Koang Doluony, who picked up a basketball shortly after arriving in the U.S. as a 9-year-old, went on to play in college.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Published on April 13, 2017

Lars Anderson discusses the story he wrote on the Omaha Talons and South Sudanese basketball in Omaha as they make waves in the basketball community. 



Bleacher Report - Lars Anderson, April 11, 2017

Some arrive in beat-up cars packed with five and six long-limbed passengers. More walk over an hour through the cool prairie night, basketballs in their hands, dreams stirring in their minds.


For Sudanese Refugees in Omaha, Basketball is a Beacon for Change

Vice Sports - Ian Frisch - September 22, 2015

Omaha is home to the largest Sudanese resettlement population outside of Africa, and assimilating can be especially challenging for kids thrust into the public school system. That's where the Omaha Talons come in.


From Sudan to the Heartland: We Got Next

The growing Sudanese population has already added a chapter to the diverse and rich history of hoops in Omaha. But there is more to be written, and much of it will go far beyond basketball, if the vision of some comes to fruition.

The Morning Blend - Video published on Dec 29, 2014

Sometimes basketball is more than a game. It can be a tool. A vehicle for academic success, personal responsibility, even wisdom. The "Omaha Talons" is proof of that. Today we're learning more from Koang Doluony, Coach Tahrier Gatouch and a couple of players.